November 12, 2018 – IMPORTANT UPDATE:  We have arrived at a point in the restoration of Mathison where we are unable to uncover any covered items for one week, including resident belongings. We will regain access to the apartments on Monday, November 19.

November 9, 2018

Dear Residents, Family Members and Friends,

The Mathison Board and the Methodist Homes Board of Trustees met in person this week, and as you can imagine, the priority topic of conversation at both meetings was the Mathison restoration effort. Our Board members have been kept informed from the beginning, but the meetings this week provided us with an opportunity to formally report on the impact of Hurricane Michael on Mathison’s residents, associates and physical plant. The Board members reaffirmed their support of the evacuation and restoration effort, expressed sympathy for those affected by the storm, and expressed appreciation to the many Methodist Homes staff members who are courageously rising to the occasion.

Members of our Methodist Homes Mission Support Services staff continue to be on-site weekly to monitor the progress. Everyone is committed to reopening Mathison at the earliest possible date. As it pertains to what Methodist Homes must do to move the process forward, there are no delays. However, a few variables remain beyond our ability to predict at the present time, and so we are still unable to provide a definitive reopening date yet.

If it is applicable to you, the adjusted billing statements were mailed Wednesday, Oct. 7, to the latest billing address of record for each Mathison resident. Please allow at least a week to receive it. If after one week you still have not received your adjusted statement, please call Sheila Jeffreys at 205-951-2442. Also, please keep us updated with the latest address information to forward mail and packages that arrive at Mathison for residents.

Phone service has been restored at Mathison, and someone should be answering calls between 9 am and 4:30 pm. But do not hesitate to contact us at the Birmingham Methodist Homes office if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support and your prayers.

Very truly yours,

Christopher W. Tomlin
President & CEO
Methodist Homes of Alabama & Northwest Florida



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